Filtering issues

JExcel enables you to sort and filter your issues without JQL knowledge, like in Excel!

The very first step of sorting and filtering issues is to make sure to enable Filter row on the upper right panel.

When it is enabled, the filter option is visible below each column title.

JExcel supports the following filtering methods

Text filter


  • empty
  • not empty
  • contains
  • contains (match case)
  • does not contain
  • does not contain (match case)
  • starts with
  • starts with (match case)
  • ends with
  • ends with (match case)
  • equal
  • equal (match case)
  • null
  • not null




Fast filtering

A brand new and extremely fast data filtering method. Hold Alt and click left mouse button in a cell to easily filter by its data.

To turn off any sorting or filtering, click on the button  on the top left corner of your JExcel table.