About workbooks in general

A short summary:

  • Workbooks show your issues in an Excel-like view where you can sort, filter and edit your issues like in Excel.
  • You can also share them and work together on it with your colleagues.
  • Every modification you make to your issues in this view, will automatically modify your original JIRA issues.
  • Workbooks can be created based on projects or your existing JIRA filters.
  • Deleting workbooks will NOT delete the issues that it contains.

In details:

Workbooks in JExcel are like tabs in Excel and provide a filtered view of your issues.

To create a workbook just click on the "+" icon (1).

After clicking on the "+" icon you will see this blank page.

On this page, you will have to click on the link "Create" (1).

They can be created based on either projects, already existing JIRA filters or you can create a new project.

  • more projects can be selected when creating a workbook based on projects
  • only one JIRA filter can be selected when creating a workbook based on already existing JIRA filters
    • The Workbook permissions (the visibility of the workbook) are inherited from its filters.


After your workbook is generated, you can always check how it is filtered by clicking on Details

and clicking on the name of the workbook in the section Datasource of this workbook.

It would take you to the Issue Navigator and shows you the filter you are using.

How do workbooks look like In JExcel?

On the top navigation bar you can see a list of your workbooks. If you grab the  icon next to the workbook's name you can easily reorder them with drag and drop. 

You can add new workbooks by clicking on the button + at the and of the navigation bar. 

You can also open or create a new workbook by clicking on the links on the middle of the screen.

What can you do from the workbook menu?

You can open the menu of each workbook when clicking on the little arrow after the workbook's name.

From the Workbook menu, you can...

New...create a new workbook
Open workbook...open an existing one
Save workbook as...make a copy of a workbook
Rename...rename a workbook
Delete and closedelete and close workbooks
Set colourset a colour to a workbook
Import...import issues to the selected workbook
Export...export the selected workbook
Print...print issues from the selected workbooks
Move rightmove the selected workbook to the right
Move leftmove the selected workbook to the left
Closeclose the selected workbook
Close othersclose other workbooks

Who is the owner of the workbook? What does it mean?

If you create a workbook, you become the owner of it.

This means that nobody can delete your workbook, only you.

How to see who owns a workbook?

Just click on the button "Details" and you will see who owns it.

It is also possible to see what is the filter it is based on.

And who is the owner of that filter.