What to expect from JExcel?

This section is created to prevent you from feeling disappointed after giving our plugin a try, 

 therefore keeping our Marketplace rating reasonably high.

What should you expect from JExcel?

  • JExcel can be a great tool for people who...

    • are getting to know JIRA

    • are heavy users of JIRA but

      • use Excel and JIRA simultaneously

      • miss some Excel-specific features from it

  • It also can be a great tool for business users or for business departments like:

    • HR, Legal, Finance, Marketing and Sales

What should you NOT expect from JExcel?

  • To be a replacement of JIRA

    • JExcel is not for replacing JIRA but it helps you to simplify managing your issues and tasks

  • To be super-fast when working with over 5000 issues

    • In general we do NOT recommend creating workbooks that contain more than 5000 issues or 15 columns.
      The exact amount depends on your hardware and software configuration!

Browser Restrictions 

JExcel is supported for Chrome latest and Firefox latest on Windows and Safari latest on Mac.

JExcel may work properly on other browsers and operating systems as well, but we can not guarantee that.

Please let us know if you need support on other browsers and we can talk about it.

IMPORTANT: JExcel doesn’t work with Internet Explorer!