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There are many ways you can give feedback about JExcel:

  • write an email to
  • open a ticket on MORESIMP Help Center
  • in the JExcel app:
    • click on "Feedback" to open your email client with a pre-defined mail (1)
    • open the JExcel menu (2) and
      • click on "Quick Feedback" to open your email client with a pre-defined mail (3)
      • click on "Feature request" to open MORESIMP Help Center (4)
      • click on "Bug report" to open our MORESIMP Help Center (5)




About MORESIMP Help Center:

If you go clcik on the Feature request or Bug report, you will be taken to the MORESIMP Help Center where you can:

  • ask hosting related questions and problems (1)
  • request a new feature (2)
  • report us a bug (3)
  • get assistance for general IT problems and questions like installation, setup or usage (4)
  • ask our sales team (5)



To do any above, you need to need to create an account to MORESIMP:



When you are logged in, you can vote to features here:




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